Admittedly it can be challenging, but those with disabilities are able to work and feel fulfilled. A recent NPR piece showcased several instances of those who succeeded and those with a few stumbling blocks. Health impacts were especially noted on those with disabilities and being at work: stress being foremost.

Though many now assume accommodations at work are the standard, it was not until recently that our government codified this as law. In 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted. In its third decade, the ADA is still challenging to implement at the workplace. Many buildings were built well before the ADA with no thought of accommodating those with disabilities. Ergonomics of the workstation are also ever changing as technology advances. Costs are the biggest barriers to getting these workplace modifications. Many businesses are able to make adjustments; and the worker need just ask. However, as highlighted in the news article, not all requests can be granted so easily.

Whether from a work place injury, stroke, spinal cord injury or other causes, those with disabilities are welcome to discuss the stress of getting to and being at work and methods to minimize them.