Chronic spine pain is can be very distressing. It often keeps people from not only enjoying life but even from doing day-to-day tasks. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution. We often wonder if a magical cure from chronic neck and chronic back pain is around the corner. The medical research and industry communities are working hard to figure this out!!

In the meantime, there are tools available to us to minimize the suffering from chronic pain. Our goal is to help those with chronic pain to be able to do more, despite their pain. Recently, there have been conflicting articles regarding the role of cervical and lumbar epidural injections in chronic pain. Cervical epidural injections are done on the neck for neck and arm pain. Lumbar epidural injections are done on the low back and leg pain (or sciatica pain).

This article in Pain Medicine News by Ajai Raj highlights the role of these injections for chronic pain. These injections have helped many of my patients, and this article writes how it can help those with chronic spine pain. The article also highlights that injections are not a one-and-done treatment in chronic pain. Oftentimes, a multidisciplinary approach is needed. Injections give temporary relief, but often this is enough for patients to better participate in the essential rehabilitation program. These injections are reserved for specific causes of neck, back and limb pains. Epidural injections are not done for every form of chronic spine pain.

If you want to talk more about managing chronic spine pain and the role of cervical and lumbar epidural injections, you are welcome to come in and see Dr Sueno.